Kitbashed Squig Racer

During my recent painting sessions I also found time to paint a conversion that I built a while ago, inspired by the classic (and very rare) Squig Racers as well as the kitbashes from Squig Wrangling.

The grot is an old Gorkamorka sculpt and was part of the amazing Rebel Grot faction, a group of grots that started an uprising againts their ork oppressors (for those that are interested, the name of the miniature is Big Lugga Grot Crank Crew 1). The squig was once attached to the arm of an ork warboss, the old metal version of the Ork Warboss with Attack Squig to be precise. The cart was made by combining a piece of a chopstick with two old Citadel shields (looted from some dwarf rangers).

This is also my second and final entry for IRO's Orktober challenge. Together with Nazgrub and friends, this leads to a total of 5 points. Nothing compared to IRO and Wudugast, who painted an astonishing amount of minis this month. Be sure to check out Dave Stone's orks as well, he also painted a miniature from Gorkamorka for this challenge.


  1. Thank's for the shout out, but as you say, IRO and Wudugast are the true heroes of the challenge ! LOL
    Fantastic conversion and painting, and that is one of my favourite Squig sculpts, so very inventive and why shouldn't grot's have there own transport.

    1. Thanks, Dave!
      Yeah, I'm also a big fan of the end of 90s/beginning of 00s Ork sculpts, Brian Nelson did a great job reinventing the range.


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